We are the Eviction Defense Network (EDN)




A Non-Profit Social Enterprise Defending Tenant's Rights

EDN is a 501(c)(3) community based nonprofit dedicated to closing the access to justice gap for families facing eviction in LA County.

From 2003 to 2020 our model closed the Access to Justice Gap from 98% to 88%. During the pandemic, we joined our allies in the Los Angeles County Right to Counsel Coalition in establishing the StayHousedLA.org program.


We are currently funded primarily by the City and County of Los Angeles and by the generous donations of other donors. Without our services, Angeleno families would go to court unrepresented. 99% of them lose their homes, and find themselves in search of housing with an eviction on their record and a debt to their former landlord.


We are currently raising funds for our newly established Tenant Empowerment Program. Tenants that we cannot represent because we are at capacity are asked to attend workshops and classes where they learn the law and the eviction process and how to represent themselves. TEP is seeing a 99% success rate amongst our graduates.