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About Us

EDN is a 501(c)(3) community based nonprofit. We are a social entrepreneurial agency dedicated to closing the access to justice gap for families facing eviction in LA County. Without our services Angeleno families go to court unrepresented. 99% of them lose their homes, and find themselves in search of housing with an eviction on their record and a debt to the landlord.

Why is this a project I should support? The model was developed by EDN in 2002 and has closed the gap from 98.8% to 80%. We currently have the capacity to represent any tenant facing eviction in the downtown courthouse from the prevention stage through a victory in a jury trial. We can also provide prevention counseling to any tenant in LA County.


Interested in volunteering – email

Passionate about human rights? Ready to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people? Want to learn about law? EDN needs outreach volunteers to be part of our community development program: uniting communities against gentrification, bringing to light unfair evictions, preventing homelessness, and much more.

Background information about the volunteer program: Our main goal is to provide access to justice for low-income individuals undergoing eviction proceedings. 
Responsibilities: We are seeking for motivated law students/paralegals to work at our office and provide them opportunities to utilize the skills they have developed throughout their education and training. As a volunteer/intern/extern, you will be interacting with our clients. Depending on how much you want to learn, we will provide you an opportunity to draft answers, oppositions to motions, propounding discovery, responding to discovery, writing meet and confer letters, as well as interviewing and preparing witness declarations. You will also have an opportunity to attend court hearings with our staff attorneys.
Our responsibilities: We will make sure to provide you the training that you need. Our goal is to prepare you to become an excellent litigation attorney by the time you finish your term with us. The knowledge you will gain is transferable to any legal practice area.
What will you be receiving training on?
Motion writing, propounding discovery, preparation of the case, doing intake with clients, court process, litigation.
How will this benefit your career?
You will learn the intricacies of a legal process that not many people are specialized in: eviction proceedings. Not only will this give you an edge in a County composed mostly of renters, but it will give you extensive experience in how to build a case.

Join all of the following. Respond to our requests for action. When we fight! We Win!!

City of Los Angeles:  (they can connect you with the tenants union in your area) 

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Eviction Defense Network


Our goal is to provide access to justice to every tenant facing eviction in LA County. We currently counsel tenants all over the county but can only provide representation in the downtown court. Help us grow. Make a donation today.

What is special about EDN is that most of our funding comes from the sliding-scale fees collected from our mostly low-income clients. EDN provides counsel and advice to approximately 5000 households a year and legal representation to between 800 and 2100 households.

We need to raise $120K each year from private donors. Please help us meet that goal. Make a donation today.

Our Annual Gala

Join us for an evening of great food, music, dancing and an artist market place at the amazing Plaza de Cultura y Artes across from the Placita Olvera the founding place of our beautiful City of Angels.

Admission $50
Low Income $25

Ticket/Sponsorship levels

Champion of Justice $1000 and above
(6 admissions per $1000K)

Leader for Justice $500 (3 admissions)
Advocate of Justice $250 (1 admission)
Friend $150 (1 admission)

No one turned away due to lack of funds.

Contact Us

The best way to contact us is to walk in for services. We do not give advice on the phone. For brief questions about how to obtain services or to schedule a paid consultation dial (213) 385-8112 or send an email to

Also join the Stop Gentrification #OnEveryFridge Facebook Page.

For immediate eviction prevention assistance please fill out this form

Eviction Defense Network

What is the #OnEveryFridge Campaign?

Alicia, a single mother of three who was born and raised in Santa Monica and had lived for more than two decades in the same place lost her eviction case because she did not know where to go for help. She was one degree of separation from the EDN family in six directions; that is to say the friend of six housing activists, but was embarrassed to tell her friends of her plight.

In stark contrast is the story of an elderly resident in a gentrifying neighborhood, who reached out for help when her home of more than 30 years was threatened. Ten years prior she had been given a flyer and told to keep it on her fridge so she could find it when she needed help.

The #OnEveryFridge Campaign is a county-wide initiative to give tenants the resources to protect themselves from displacement. The doors to our refrigerators hold photos, reminders, shopping lists and keepsakes. They are makeshift altars that honor the uniqueness of each of our homes. Why not add the resources that can save those very homes?

#OnEveryFridge will put a legal resource flyer on every refrigerator in Los Angeles County so tenants know where to go at the first sign of trouble with their landlord.

Please promote this cause by:

  1. Sharing the campaign through your social network and tagging your post with #OnEveryFridge,
  2. Emailing us for flyers to distribute to your family, friends, co-workers and in your community.

For more information please email

If every tenant in LA County resisted displacement … refused to pay rent increases above the consumer price index … refused to move in response to a notice to quit … we would stop gentrification in its tracks.