Tenant Empowerment Program (TEP)

Key Points and Instructions

Here are some key points that if you do all these, then YOU WILL be ready in Court:

Step 1 Checklist

◻️  Watch all the videos over and over until you understand them.

◻️  Apply for informed delivery from the US Post Office (USPS)

◻️  Open your mail DAILY.

◻️  Once you sign up to our program, you will be assigned a Team with 2 lawyers and a law clerk. At 10AM Monday through Friday you can text your Team the first page of any documents you get from the court or the other side.

◻️  Come to TEP classes regularly. For a schedule of our webinars and classes, click here.

◻️  Take notes in class.

◻️  If you need some extra hand holding, we got you! Come to the weekly support group on Fridays at 6pm. See all our classes here.

◻️  Take notes of everything that happens in the case. Write down the date, time, what happened, and who was there. Every time. Get name and contact information for everyone you talk to.

◻️  Get to Step 10 (your binder reviewed by a law clerk or attorney) within 7 days of filing your Answer. This is because you get only 10 days to amend your Answer. If you missed that deadline, do it ASAP.

◻️  Prepare for your Step 10 Binder Review by watching and following the instructions in Videos 2C, 2E, and 2F

◻️  You may not get a meeting with a lawyer but if you follow the videos and attend TEP classes regularly (free on Zoom with live classes almost every day) then you WILL be ready to complete these steps to victory and successfully represent yourself in Court.

◻️  Come to Court at least 4 times to observe in the same courtroom where your case is assigned to, before you make your first appearance.

◻️  Do "in-person" intake at EDN's office and buy your binder from us that contains all the inserts and tabs you need for Court. 

◻️  Organize your evidence in the categories provided to you, and within each category chronologically; and have your evidence organized in your binder ready for your first Court appearance.

◻️  Never, ever, go to Court without your binder.

◻️  Apply for rental assistance. If your landlord or property owner gives you a current ledger at W9, we can file for you.

◻️  Buy a money order for the rent each month. Make sure it doesn't expire.

◻️  A lawyer may not be available to review your work. Use the videos (watch and re-watch) and attend our live classes often, and you will be prepared 100s of times more than you would be without them.

◻️  Even if you do meet with one of our lawyers, you are still responsible for your own case and it is imperative you follow our instructions.

◻️  People with learning disabilities, literacy issues, or mental capacity issues: inform your team right away.

◻️  If you don't want to learn to represent yourself? Ask for a list of private attorneys.

Great job! You can now start attending our classes and get the most out of them.

In the meantime, let's keep learning about the eviction process, on the next page...

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