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Watch our 3 introductory videos on this page and follow instructions.

Video 1A - How to get help from EDN

Great job!!! Two more short videos...

Video 1B - From Zoom to Victory

How to get the most out of our webinars

Excellent work! One more to go...

Information is power.

You are stressed out because you don't know what's going to happen.

DID YOU KNOW?  Accurate information is the best way to relieve your stress.

This video below gives you an overview of the eviction trial process, and the steps you will take to get the best possible result in your own case.

  • The videos in our 1-series teach you about our agency and our TEP program.
  • The videos in our 2-series teach you about the eviction process itself, and how to prepare your case for trial.
  • The videos in our 3-series -- which we are still developing -- will teach you about the law that applies to you.

Video 1C - The 18 Steps to Victory

EDN Video Coming Soon

Really fine job!

Watch them again to pick up things you may have missed the first time through.

Now, let's review key points and instructions...

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