Step 10

Meet with an Attorney

Ideally, within 7 days of filing your Answer.


Once your binder as assembled, text your Team daily at 10AM to request your Step 10 Binder Review and keep doing this daily until a lawyer is available.

Don’t get frustrated if you are asked to try again tomorrow. Keep trying for an appointment.

The first time... Text a picture of the notice that states the reason for the eviction.

There is no guarantee that an attorney will be able to meet with you*. Use the videos to prepare.

*If an attorney can not meet with you in person it may still be possible for the attorney to review your scanned binder online. Talk to your Team about scanning your documents.

Volunteers are available on Saturdays to help you organize your binder.

If we make you an appointment, we expect you to come prepared. Use the videos to guide you, or come in on a Saturday at 7:45AM for intake and orientation training.

Once you've been through our in-person intake interview and our orientation training, then you can get help organizing your binder.

Last line of your text is your next deadline:

“My day 7 is/was . Can you meet today to review my Answer and Exhibit Binder?” OR

 “My first appearance is [insert date and what court and department your case is assigned to]. Can you meet today to review my Binder?” OR

 “My meet and confer deadline is [insert date]. Can you meet today to review my Binder?” OR

“I got a [insert title of document you got].” Send picture of the first page.

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