Step 11

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How to Respond to Discovery

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What is Discovery? Discovery is a process where both sides can ask each other questions/interrogatories and request all the evidence.

Please note only 25% cases receive discovery requests.

You typically only have 5 calendar days to respond, so please immediately email the plaintiff's attorney and request a 2-week extension to respond to discovery.

If you receive discovery: Text your PIP to your Team at 10 AM Mon through Fri starting the day after you get it. You will be given directions.

Include at the end of the PIP: I have received discovery. I have: [STATE WHAT TYPE OF DISCOVERY].   It was sent to me on [STATE THE DATE YOU GOT IT] by [STATE HOW IT WAS SENT, WHETHER BY REGULAR MAIL, OVERNIGHT, or IN PERSON]. I need help answering."

On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12PM to 2PM, we have a class where we explain how to respond to discovery.  Click here for our class schedule. The schedule will open in a new browser tab. This tab will remain open so you can continue working through your 18 Steps to Victory.

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