Step 12

Go to Court to Observe Your Judge

Go to court 4 times before your first court date. Watch. Listen. Take notes in your spiral notebook.

Observe your judge and watch how each court session is run. Pay close attention to particulars. For instance:

  • How does the judge like information presented? 
  • What annoys the judge?

Going to court to see your judge several times (we recommend at least 4x) before your court date gives you a major advantage. Your anxiety will decrease when you know what to expect. You will be more prepared by knowing how your specific judge handles things.

Community Outreach (Optional)

We are at Stanley Mosk Courthouse every day and we often do “learning moments” in the hallway.

While you are there, help us reach tenants in the hallway. Ask for our flyers. Let people know they don't have to go it alone.

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