Step 17

Get Involved!

You may not understand the value to your own case of volunteering and helping others when you first get started, but once you get involved in the program beyond your own case, you will see how much it helps you IN YOUR OWN CASE.

Here are some things you can do to get involved:

◻️ Do outreach for the program 

◻️ Volunteer to help people assemble their notebooks 

◻️ Volunteer to translate 

◻️ Volunteer to navigate people who need extra help and support 

◻️ Offer court support 

◻️ Donate. We are funded by Stay Housed LA and we can help more people when we receive donations 

◻️ Write Yelp reviews, Google reviews, and social media reviews

◻️ Share our program with others, in real life and on social media

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