Step 18 (of 18.. Good job!)

Your Day in Court

You made it to Step 18 and now it is time for your day in Court. 

Here's what to do now...

◻️ Send your PIP to your Team at 8AM on the date of each court appearance.

◻️ The last line on PIP should say (replace the placeholders in brackets with accurate information): “I have court at [TIME] in Department #[DEPT NUMBER]. I [have/have not] preserved a jury. This is my [First appearance MSC/ TSC/ FSC/ Trial].  The binders [are/are not] merged.” 

◻️ Send a photo of your current 16 factors.

◻️ Update us throughout the day.


Text photos of anything you are asked to sign BEFORE you sign it. DO NOT sign anything without a lawyer’s approval.

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