Step 3

Apply to Stay Housed LA

Let's see if you qualify for FREE legal help from one of our 10 partner agencies.

We are funded by the City and County of Los Angeles.

10 of the agencies provide "Full Scope" representation in 62 "Priority Zip Codes" of the 528 Zip Codes in LA County.

They can't help everyone. 

47,625 evictions were filed in 2023.

This is why you need to rise to the occasion, get informed and prepare your own case.

Click here to see if you are in one of the Priority Zip Codes. 

If you are on the list, go to and fill out an application for services.

It takes them a while to process the requests and they don't take everyone, so come right back here to complete your steps while you wait to hear from them.

Also, if you are not on the Priority Zip Code list, don’t waste your time asking these agencies to help you.  Either hire a private attorney.  Ask for a list.  Or join our TEP Program so that we can help you prepare your case. We are representing 95% of the TEP Program participants that follow the 18 steps and get prepared.

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