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Start attending our Webinars and Classes

We have classes online every day of the week and an in-person class on Saturdays for people who either have digital divide issues or need help assembling their binder.

Click here for the class schedule.

Before coming to class learn the rules for being in class.

Rules for being in class are discussed in video 1B.


EDN Video Coming Soon

Here's a recapt of video 1B:

1. Learn to re-name yourself in Zoom.

2. Follow Zoom etiquette.

3. Be ready to put your PIP privately in the chat when instructed to do so.

4. DO NOT put your PIP in the chat during a class before you are asked to do it.

5. Take notes.

6. Follow instructions!!

7. Get the names/cell numbers of the Team assigned to help you in Class.


Don't forget...

The Tenant Support Group meets on Fridays at 6PM. You can get the Zoom link for this and all our classes on the Webinars and Classes page.

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