Step 8

Your Trial and Exhibit Binder

Please come to our office at 316 W. 2nd Street, 8th Floor LA 90012 to purchase a binder with all the tabs and inserts. 

The binder with all the tabs and inserts costs $35.  If you want to use your own binder and just need the inserts only, that costs $23. This is less than you will pay by trying to do it yourself and it comes with forms you need to fill out and provide to the court.

Tabs 1-10 are the documents that the court requires for trial preparation, including

  • a copy of the LACIV244 Form already filled out
  • your jury instructions forms
  • your Exhibit List form
  • your Witness List form
  • and questions to ask the jury.

We also provide you with forms you will need to write up a settlement agreement.  

Tabs 101-125 will help you organize your Exhibits. We also provide you with an evidence cover sheet which you need when you share your evidence with the other side and when you file your evidence with the court.

After buying your notebook, and once you have all the right tabs and inserts, it's time to watch videos 2E and 2F below and follow the instructions.

No plastic dividers, staples or sticky notes.

Video 2F

The Trial Notebook

The above video is being updated. It's still good to watch it but you will also want to come to our office on a Saturday for our in-person binder assembly workshop.

For binder assembly assistance, come to our office Saturdays. 

If you're new, arrive at 7:45AM for in person intake and orientation, which will take several hours.

If you are new and do not arrive on time, we can not help you that day, and you will have to come back the following Saturday. No exceptions.

If you already did our in-person Intake interview at the office... 

12:30PM-3:30PM binder assembly class

Also at the office on Saturdays:

12:30PM-6PM counseling tenants with court next week 

(We usually only have time for Monday and Tuesday)

Video 2E

The Perfect Exhibit Notebook

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