Step 9

Negotiation: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The 16 Factors to Consider

Video 2F

Negotiation: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

In the above video, we look at 16 factors in deciding whether a tenant should fight to stay in the unit or negotiate a move out agreement. 

Here's how you should be using the 16 factors right now to gain clarity on your own situation:

Learn the 16 factors and then work with your Team during your Step 10 meeting to figure out how the 16 factors apply to you.

For instance:

  • Do you have a low-rent unit that is protected by a rent stabilization law?
  • Do you have a strong case?
  • Or a weak case and not much evidence?
  • Are you prepared?

◽️Watch video 2C below and use the 16 Factors to decide if you should fight to stay, or negotiate a move-out agreement.

◽️ You'll be using one of the inserts in your binder to make your settlement agreement.

◽️ If you want to stay, fill out the captions on the "Pay and Stay" stipulation form.

◽️ If you want to move out, fill out the captions on the “No Dough and Go” stipulation form.

Top priority: Text your 16 Factors to your PIP string at 10 AM as soon as it is completed.

Now watch the next video (if Video 2D is not available yet then proceed to Step 10)

Video 2D

Negotiation: The 16 Factors in Action

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