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 Evictions have very fast deadlines. If you miss the deadline, you can be evicted.

Los desalojos tienen plazos muy rápidos. Si no cumple con la fecha límite, puede ser desalojado.


1.    Visit our web page at Watch "How to Get Legal Help from EDN." It will explain our intake process.

2.   Watch  “From Zoom to Victory." It will explain how to participate in our Tenant Empowerment Program classes.
3.    Apply for services from EDN at  You will receive an automatic email that repeats much of the information that you are reading here.  That email will have your name, case number and “Main Email String” as the subject line.  Use that email to communicate with us. Always REPLY ALL when you communicate with us.
4.    Join us at our Tenant Empowerment Program Classes.  This is the first step towards processing your application. We cannot assist you until you begin attending these sessions. The sessions are every Monday and Wednesday evening at 5:30 p.m and every Saturday at 8:30AM. Click this link to join via Zoom.  If the link does not work, go to for a list of our classes.

If you cannot join using a computer, you can call in by phone: Dial 1 (669) 444-9171, and then type this into they keypad: 4974728448#. If it asks for a passcode, enter 077412#. Participating on a laptop is much better. You can borrow a laptop or tablet from any public library.

In the meantime, read below.  Look for the reason you need help and follow the instructions in that section.

If any of the links don’t work, go to to find these instructions.


Do you have a packet of papers that includes a Summons for eviction?

If you were served an eviction summons (it looks like this), you only have FIVE BUSINESS DAYS to file a response with the court. We will not be able to process your application before that deadline. It is up to you to make sure you don’t miss the deadline. Here are two options:

Option 1:  Complete your Answer online using the Tenant Power Toolkit. This website will help you fill out the Answer paperwork, and if you are low income and qualify for a court “fee waiver,” it may even be able to file it for you. Here’s what the people who made it say:

“This Tool is being provided as a free public service and we have done our best to ensure that it works for all users as they intend. However, we cannot guarantee that the documents this Tool generates and that we may attempt to file electronically on your behalf will be accepted by the Court before the deadline for filing (5 business days after service of the Summons and the Complaint-Unlawful Detainer). If your documents are not accepted by the Court as timely filed, you are at risk of losing your case by default. By using this Tool, you agree to assume the risk that your documents will not be timely filed or accepted. If you do not want to accept that risk, you can print out the documents and file them with the Court in person at the courthouse identified in the Summons and Complaint before the courthouse closes on the 5th business day after you were served with the Summons and Complaint.”


Option 2: Go in-person to the Self-Help Center inside one of the courthouses listed at this link for help to file your Answer. Staff at the Self-Help center can give you the Answer paperwork and tell you how to file it. They may help you complete it. Please make sure they include a Demand for Jury Trial. If they don’t include one, add it to the last page of the Answer they help you complete. If you are eligible for a fee waiver, you should also ask them to file a Request to Waive Additional Court Fees (FW-002) in addition to the regular fee waiver (FW-001), in order to waive jury fees.

Remember, you only have 5 business days to file your Answer. Day 1 starts the day after you are served the eviction lawsuit. Do not count weekends and court holidays. If you don’t file an answer by day 5, the landlord may file a “default” which means you lost the case. It is very difficult to get the court to cancel or set aside a default.
After you have filed your Answer follow these steps:
1.      Watch the following videos. Find the videos at
     2A:   How to respond to a notice from your landlord
     2B:   How to respond to a Summons from the court
     2C:   Negotiation - Should I Stay or Should I Go
     2E:   The Perfect Exhibit Notebook
3.      Come to the next Tenant Empowerment Program Class so your case can be assessed for representation. Get the links at
See below for a full description of the
Tenant Empowerment Program (TEP).
If you got a letter from the court that warns you that an eviction has been filed (it looks like this):
1.     Wait 4 days to see if someone brings you the Summons and Complaint packet;
2.     DO NOT avoid getting the packet;
3.     When you get the packet follow the steps to file an Answer with the court;
4.     If you don’t get the packet in 4 days, go to the court and pick up a full copy of your file and a print out of the Registry of Actions and then follow the steps to file an Answer with the court. 


A notice to vacate from the Sheriff is a half page with red and black letters and gives you 5 days to move out. This means you have lost your case. Please do the following so that we can figure out if anything can be done to stop the Sheriff.
1.     Watch the following videos, wihich you can find at
      1A:  How to Get Legal Help from EDN?
      1B:  From Zoom to Victory
      2L:  How to respond to a notice from the Sheriff
3.     Go to the court to pickup a complete copy of your file.  Make sure it includes:
  1.   Summons and Complaint
  2.   Proof of Service of Summons and Complaint
  3.   All notices that you have received from the landlord along with the proof of services
  4.   Registry of Actions (case summary) from the court
  5.   Notice of filing of Unlawful Detainer from the court
4.    Text 310/704-8785 with this message: My name is ________ My case number is ___________.  My Notice to Vacate expires __________.  I have followed the first four steps on your website.
Someone will respond immediately.
5.     If you have time, watch the following videos BEFORE the next Class. You can find them at videos.
      2A:   How to respond to a notice from your landlord
      2B:   How to respond to a Summons from the court
      2C:   Negotiation - Should I Stay or Should I Go
      2E:   The Perfect Exhibit Notebook
6.   Come to the next Tenant Empowerment Program class.  For a list go to
7.   Start to gather all of your evidence.  If they say they gave you the summons and complaint on a specific day and time, gather all the evidence you have that you were not home that day.


(This could be a verbal notice, text, email, written notice or letter or harassment)
1. Watch the following videos, which you can find at
     1A:   How to Get Legal Help from EDN?
     1B:   From Zoom to Victory
     2A:  How to respond to a notice from your landlord?
3. If you have time watch the following videos BEFORE coming to Class, please do. You can find them at videos:
     2C:  Negotiation - Should I Stay or Should I Go
     2E:  The Perfect Exhibit  Notebook
4. Come to the next Tenant Empowerment Program Class.  For a list go to


1. Watch the following videos, which you can find at
     1A:  How to Get Legal Help from EDN?
     1B:  From Zoom to Victory
     2C: Negotiation - Should I Stay or Should I Go
     2E: The Perfect Exhibit Notebook
     2H: What to expect my first day in court
3. If you have time watch the following videos BEFORE coming to Class please do. You can find them at videos.,
     2A:  How to respond to a notice from your landlord?
     2B: How to respond to a Summons from the court
     2F: The Perfect Trail Notebook
4. Come to the next Tenant Empowerment Class.  For a list go to


There are not enough lawyers to represent everyone that needs help. The program includes every Legal Services Program that gives free legal help to tenants.  The program is able to represent 1 out of every 9 tenants that need representation in court.
The Eviction Defense Network has developed a program to help the 9 out of 10 of you that will not get full scope representation. While not a guarantee that you will win, the program is seeing a 99% success rate among tenants that participate regularly, and follow our instructions.
All of our retained clients are being asked to participate in the program as well.
Please take the following steps so that we can assess your case for representation and start to assist you right away:
1.  Watch the “How to get legal help from EDN” video.  Find all of our videos at
2.  Watch the “From Zoom to Victory” video.
3.  Apply for representation at
5.  For best results watch a Zoom Tutorial that is specific to the device you will use to sign on to our TEP Classes
6.  For best results watch Video 2A: How to respond to a notice from your landlord?
7.  For best results watch Video 2B: How to respond to a Summons from the court?
8.  For best results watch Video 2C: Negotiation: Do I stay or do I go?
9.  For best results watch Video 2E: The Perfect Exhibit Notebook
10.  Come to our Tenant Empowerment Program (TEP) classes (Mon/Wed 5:30PM and Saturday 8:30AM).  Go to for the schedule.