Step 15

Prepare for Your "Meet & Confer"

If you followed our instructions so far and you get to this point, you will have updated your Binder since the Step 10 review.  

Have your current updated Binder reviewed before the “meet and confer deadline.”

Text your PIP at 10 AM Mon through Fri. Keep doing this every day until you get an appointment. 

Last line of PIP: “My next court date is [DATE]. My M&C deadline is [DATE]. My binders are ready. Can you meet today?”

There is no guarantee a lawyer will be available to review your updated binder.

Watch video 2E and get your binders ready for court to the best of your ability.

Tip: Non-lawyer volunteers can help you organize your Exhibit Binder at the Binder Review Class on Saturdays.  They cannot tell you what to include. They can help you organize what you bring in.

For your Step 15 binder review:

You will meet with your law clerk and then, if available, a lawyer for your updated binder review.

After the review, scan and email your trial notebook* to Opposing Counsel (OC) and file them with the court. Do this 3 days before the deadline.

* Your trial notebook is NOT your exhibit notebook. We are sure that you know this by now. If not you need to go back to Step 8 now.

If a lawyer is not available to meet with you, do your best by using videos 2E and 2F, which are both in your Step 8 lesson.

You may be able to get a digital binder review and helpful feedback from one of our lawyers if you are unable to get an in-person meeting with an attorney.

  • Talk with your Team about digital binder reviews
  • Make sure both your binders are scanned and uploaded to EDN's Google Drive and placed in your case folder
  • Name your files properly so we can find them 
    • Name each file with what is is, and then your name, and then your case number. For instance:
      • "Trial Binder, [your name], [your case number]"
      • "Exhibit Binder, [your name], [your case number]"
  • IF both your binders are properly named, scanned and uploaded, an attorney may be able to review them and give you feedback. This feedback may come in the form of an email, a text message to your PIP thread, or maybe a pre recorded video or a live impromptu Zoom call, per the availability of the supervising attorney.

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