Step 7

File Your Answer

If you have not filed an Answer to the Summons and Complaint with the court, do that now. 

Your answer is due 5 working days from when the Summons and Complaint packet was given to you. 

Don’t take chances. File your answer within 5 working days of learning of the law suit, no matter how you find out about the lawsuit. 

If you need help filing your answer, go back to Step 6 on the previous page, read the page again, and watch the video again.

Here is the link to access the free Tenant Power Toolkit to file your answer and preserve your right to a jury trial. (The toolkit will open in a separate tab. Complete the wizard to file your Answer and when you are done come back to this tab to continue the 18 steps).

When you're done filing your answer, proceed to Step 8 on the next page...